Wednesday, March 18, 2009

I really need to stop doing that...

I keep talking to myself. And it's completely unintentional. I mean, it's a strange habit I have--I talk to myself when I write or when I am IMing with a friend or emailing... and sometimes I'll notice that I've been whispering or being exceptionally expressive (smiling big, squinting my eyes, moving my hands, lots of GESTURES). Anyway, I suppose it's somewhat normal when I am by myself at my computer AT HOME. But when I am at work? It's awkward. And it freaks out my co-workers (add that to the long list...)

Strangely enough (in a bout of free association) this for some reason made me think of reading aloud... I used to enjoy reading aloud, be it in class or when I was babysitting and would read aloud to kids. Perhaps I should sign up to tell stories at a library somewhere... Perhaps LIBRARIAN is my true calling?

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