Monday, March 30, 2009

In Which Jon Watches a Movie and Tells Me His Thoughts (cont'd)

Here's the rest of Jon's commentary on Twilight. Hot off the press.

And we are back for RP's piano solo
Why didn't David Arquette get the dad role? (I wonder if he means Bella's dad or Edward's "dad")
A league of their own?
(This is the baseball scene)
except why don't their hats fit on their heads? that's what I want to know.

Ohhhh shit games over...
Great point on the hats
Dad is cluless
I smell a rat! (I have no idea what is happening here but I think it's James?)
Wait what part are you at...
Hall of mirrors (not Versailles)
things get weird here. listen for RP's song playing near end of scene however... yes he sings (better than he acts)
I'm glad Jasper has virtually zero special powers (they're explained in the book)
This is exactly how I imagine Pheonix actually
Jacksonville?! I'd rather die.
She looks like shit
Yeah but that kiss? Amazing.
3...2...1...I'm there
When he cried he looks like Marlon Brando minus 180 lbs
Sequel central
OH and the Radiohead song at the end is THE BEST. 15 Step.
One of my favorite songs
Did you hear that Boston Latin had to issue a formal statement from the board saying that despite rumors, "there is not a vampire infestation at the school?"
I give it a solid 7
Over and out (Thank you Jon!)

Okay readers, help us pick the next movie for this new feature... Any requests?

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