Monday, March 16, 2009

My B

Excusez-moi but I just realized that the previous post was CHOCK FULL O' spelling errors. HOW EMBARRASSING! How will anyone ever take me seriously (cough Entertainment Weekly/my dad cough) when I am clearly such a terrible proofreader? I will tell you HOW. Because they will be AMAZED at the speed at which I write. It's true. In addition to typing at a record 95 words per minute I am able to pump out meaningless and irrelevant diatribes in as few as five minutes (sometimes four!). AMAZING! To be sure.

Oops. This is taking WAY longer than 4-5 minutes because I got distracted by the 4 other conversations I am having online THIS MINUTE. SEE, YOU ARE STILL IMPRESSED! Because in addition to blogging and chatting with friends I am miraculously DOING MY WORK!

Speaking of, must get back to it. But first--a spell check! HUZZAH!

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