Monday, March 02, 2009

Not so much a No Judgement Zone

I was going to ignore Stamos' request that I blog about my equally awkward appearance today until about 3 minutes ago when an interaction with a Hollywood agent pretty much summed up just how awkward I/my appearance can be.

Please keep in mind I recently was moved in my office and have the ever so demeaning job of answering our lobby door due to corporate politics and egos (bitter, table for one)...

Enter hollywood agent I've met: Hi, yes I'm here to meet with
Me: O hey! How are you?
Agent: Uhh, Di Tonto?? Wow, I almost didn't reconize you. You look...different?
Me: O well I have bangs now.
Agent: had those. Umm did you just get back from a vacation?
Me: (embarassed) No, Malibu...over did it I guess. (get up to get popcorn/awkwardly hobble away)

Also note I had to go see a foot doctor this morning for what I thought was a small procedure, but instead involved lots of needles and digging and apparently an overly dramatic surgical boot.

Agent: O dude, what happened to your foot??
Me: Umm, well, you see, I had this problem with my toe...

Enter Boss: Just tell people you got shot or broke it. No one wants to hear about your ingrown toenail.

Agent and I exchange awkward/disgusted looks...END SCENE

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