Monday, March 02, 2009

When Tanorexia Turns Awkward

While everyone on the East Coast is suiting up in their finest outer gear for a snow day I am really awkwardly tan. Well... orange might be more appropriate.

It was another beautiful weekend in LA and I spent all day yesterday at the beach in Malibu, just loving the perfect weather and the sun and the heat, totally unaware of any blizzards elsewhere in the country.

Five hours later I'm sufficiently well done, which means today I'm a cross between burned and tan--making me orange. Not one of my co-workers has failed to mention my crisp glow today, and it's quite embarrassing when everyone else looks normal and I look like I just spent a week in the Bahamas or something. I'm assuming that it will go down by Wednesday and I'll just look like I have some fresh color. Until then... call me George Hamilton.

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