Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Woe Is Me


I just read this depressing/sarcastic article on Gawker about how kids today graduating from journalism school have miserable chances at getting jobs (I am too depressed to link to the specific article. Do some sleuthing). Apparently, the chances of being a sports reporter are about the same as being a pro athlete. Hah. Hah.

Seeing as I harbor lofty dreams of being a star reporter/writer capturing all things pop culture/TV/nerd (because I'm so original<--note sarcasm) I find the recession to be mostly upsetting for trampling on my silly Gen Y dreams. They should have told me when I was growing up that no, the world is not my oyster, and there was a decent chance that I wouldn't graduate into a hedonistic free-for-all where promotions come every six months. Yes, for some reason I was under the impression that the post-college years would be great--like college but maybe less responsibility (no homework) and more money (at least, self-made money).

Well, to whoever "they" are--thanks for nothing. Actually, I am pretty sure countless adults warned me of such likely post-grad sentiments (my family included), but I of course refused to believe any such nonsense. And here I am, idly dreaming of capturing award-winning creative content on the most frequented websites in website history... but to no avail.

I bet you feel pretty bad for me. You read my constant complaint-laden posts and think, "Poor Stamos, times are tough for her. Getting sunburnt in March. Living by the beach. Fear of Earthquakes. Existential crises around the clock. What can I do to help her?" Well, let me tell you how YOU can help me. (Because in these hard economic times I am the prime candidate for help<--again, please note sarcasm and attempt at sincere ironic self-deprecation).

1) Start commenting on my posts. Seriously. I want feedback! And ideas. I've been at this for well over a year and am starting to lose creative juice, and I imagine you get sick at my self-centered weekend recap posts (or maybe not, but tell me!). If you want me to write about something, leave a comment, or email me.
2) Tell your friends to read my blog. Spread the word. I really want to increase readership, and if I have a good sense that I am writing about things that other people might be interested in reading about, well then it is a win-win for all of us, no?
3) Follow me on Twitter. I know that seems like a disconnect, but I truly believe Twitter is an incredible tool for writers, both the amateur, aspiring and professionally inclined--and I count myself somewhere between the first two categories. Follow me here: http://twitter.com/stamos.
4) If you or anyone you know is looking for a writer or anyone who would gladly offer up an opinion on short notice--well that's me. Sure, my posts might often be filled with grammatical errors and nonsensical ramblings, but you'd be amazed at the speed I can pop this shit out on short notice.

Okay, that's enough relentless self-promotion for today. I'm going to mope for a little while, stalk some people on Facebook, do some work, then daydream about my fabulous future life as a travel writer... all thanks to your help.

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