Tuesday, March 03, 2009

While the rest of the country was shoveling...

...and I was frying, this is what Malibu looked like on Sunday:

Yep, heaven.

Also: yes, that is my hat. It is awesome. You are probably jealous. I wear it all the time.

The story behind the hat (because yes, those gauche trucker caps are so passe) is that I bought it when driving cross country and we were camping in Utah visiting Arches National Park for a few days.

There's another story there that involves sleeping in a car and a tent being ripped to shreds and running out of gas and hitchiking with a nice couple named Jan and Gary (in their RV), but I'll have to save that for a longer conversation in which I talk about my not-so-secret love for hitchiking. Among other things. Anyway, the deal with the hat was that you got to pick a blank hat (I obviously bee-lined for neon green) and then the iron-on stamp (yes this was 2008, not 1992, but whatever); and I picked that beautiful Moab print. Best $10 I ever spent. Well maybe not the best, but high-ranking, certainly.

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