Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Coachella Highlights

Because I can't stop obsessing over Coachella today, I need to share the joy with a few choice musical performances. I honestly could post almost every band I saw but that hurts my heart too much because I WANT TO GO BACK RIGHT NOW.

Here are the clips, all worth watching... nothing tops the real thing, but still...

My 2nd-favorite Killers jam off the new album, "This is Your Life" (sadly they didn't play "I Can't Stay")

Yeah Yeah Yeahs "Maps" (the sky during this piece was AMAZING, in fact this might have been my favorite show all weekend). Karen O is a goddess.

Thievery Corporation played the mainstage Saturday and had like 7 phenomenal female lead singers. I loved this jam "El Pueblo Unido."

The Cure "Love Song" (not the best quality, but seeing this live tugged on my heartstrings)

Girl Talk's live DJ set killed, no surprise there

Tinariwen; I didn't catch the whole show, only a snippet, but this band from Mali is pretty sick.

And another Killers jam, "For Reasons Unknown" (if you go to 3:20 your heart might break--and to all the Brandon Flowers haters out there, sure, he might be a bit much but there is NO denying that this band is phenomenal)

I'm going to close my eyes and cry for a little bit now... then begin planning next year's trip...

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