Friday, May 08, 2009

Family Guy Friday

Today's Family Guy clip is actually AMAZING because it is not at all from a Family Guy episode, but rather from the GENIUS Bones-Family Guy crossover of last night's Bones episode. Yes, I know what you are thinking--isn't Bones live-action while Family Guy is animated? Indeed the truth. And I would go into the whole back story as to what is happening here and why Booth is hallucinating Stewie in the interrogation room, but instead, as I'd previously suggested, just start watching Bones and work your way up to this season so you can marvel in the delight that is this ingenious crossover.

My favorite Stewie line: "Night's darkest gloom washes over my tiny frame." I just love that evil baby (oh and in a previous scene in the episode Stewie, true to character, hits on Booth).

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