Monday, May 11, 2009

a meal deal

Apparently May 11 (TODAY) is "Eat What You Want Day." (I have no idea who decided that was the case and why, but I think I read it on some website somewhere so I am going to run with it).

I had a delicious MEAL DEAL at Subway for lunch. I fucking love the Subway meal deal. Best $6 to spend. Seriously. Later I'm thinking of picking up some Hot Tamales because "I might go to the gym later so I deserve a treat." (Not the case, I just wanted to quote a very relatable quote from 30 Rock. I actually am not going to the gym today, but starting my move--yes, we're moving!--so lugging boxes will be part of my workout).

I desperately need to go grocery shopping. Last night's foray to Vons for a hodge podge of items (Shampoo, Snickers Ice Cream bars, and Pirate's Booty) will not suffice.

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