Tuesday, May 05, 2009


Today the universe does not shit on Mexico. Today the universe APPRECIATES Mexico. (Although apparently Mexico doesn't care about Cinco de Mayo? I think this is a holiday meant strictly for excessive taco & beer consumption).

In other news, apparently Mexico is still riddled with Swine Flu. HAPPY CINCO DE MAYO MEXICO!

OH SHIT! My orchid, Lulu, (that's Horace's girlfriend) is wilting. HOW DO I TAKE CARE OF ORCHIDS? WHO AMONG MY READERS HAS A GREEN THUMB AND CAN SHARE SOME ORCHID-CARING TIPS? I should call my step-grandmother and ask. She has like 100 orchids. That's what she spends her money on. Orchids and White Persian show cats. I am in no way joking. I hate White Persian show cats. No cat should be allowed to have LONG HAIR. NONE. And certainly not white hair. That is disgusting. HONESTLY. But my step-grandmother, well she's great. A real character. I could do without the cats...

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