Tuesday, May 26, 2009


That is how I feel today. Ugggghhh. Or maybe: blaaaaaaaarg. I guess I shouldn't expect anything different after a spectacularly long weekend of lounging and enjoying some much-needed extended time off from work. Good news is, it's a short week. AND my friend Ida bought me this sweet GOD BLESS AMERICA freedom stand thingy at the dollar store yesterday. AND I am wearing a crazy bright colored shirt today which makes me somewhat happier. Oh and as it is after Memorial Day I am wearing white pants because, yes, I still subscribe to that Labor Day-Memorial Day rule. AND INTERNS ARE HERE. God, I love interns. I can't wait to give them all sorts of boring crap to do for me. Oh and apparently that last post about Tucker Blair really got people talking because apparently Tucker Blair is really poor quality knock-offs of this other brand Smathers and Branson (so screw you Tucker Blair) but who knew that needlepoint accessories could get people so passionate? Today I am wearing two pinky rings on my right hand and a big green peace sign on my left hand pointer finger. The pinky rings I usually wear separately--one was my mother's ring from when she was in boarding school and is sort of a puzzle ring kind of thing, and the other is this little David Yurman band with a yellow sapphire that my grandmother gave me. The big green peace sign ring I bought for $12 this weekend. Talk about high-low... right? Tennis tonight. I'm both excited and dreading it because right now I sort of just want to sleep... And I'm rambling... it's a stream consciousness today, folks!

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