Thursday, June 04, 2009

E3 Highlights

Besides getting some inside info on the new Avatar movie and companion game, I have to say my favorite part of E3 was simply walking around the floor demoing games. Of course the Nintendo booth was my favorite, and playing the new "Super Mario Bros Wii" game was a ton of fun--it harkens back to the day's of the old school NES, because you hold the Wiimote like an old controller and you're running through updated versions of familiar landscapes.

On a personal level I loved going to the Ubisoft press conference Monday night. Besides my internship at Us Weekly all those years ago, this was the most real-deal reporting experience I've had, and I loved every second of it. It was fun just chilling in the media lounge, looking around at all the other reporters, writers, bloggers, photographers, and knowing that for the first time, I too had credentials that put me in their peer group.

I also spent some time watching G4 shoot their live coverage, which was cool because I got to witness the legendary gamer Steve Wiebe play Donkey Kong. And I had a realization that I was the only chick in a sea of dudes. Alas, that sea of dudes was not an attractive sea.

E3 was a reminder that I am not even remotely nerdy though. Okay, remotely, but I am way on the fringe. I am hardly a gamer, I discovered, so I guess it's a good thing I was there as a "trend reporter" because when I attempted to play the new "Sonic & Mario Winter Olympics" game on the Wii I sucked. It's okay, I'm glad I'm not that much of a nerd. At least not like this guy. Excuse me, this stormtrooper:

I mean, seriously, dude? This isn't Comic Con...

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