Friday, June 05, 2009

Stamos vs. Stamos

Okay. Hold the phones. Hot of the press comes this news about my namesake/arch nemesis/eventual BFF & co-author of the as-of-yet unwritten Stamos & Stamos: Road Trip America!:

"John Stamos confesses that he’s conceptualizing a Full House feature film. He envisions the film to star James Franco as Uncle Jesse, Steve Carell as Danny Tanner and Tracy Morgan as Uncle Joey."

Okay Stamos. Really? Look, I get that your heyday was the Uncle Jesse era, what with the leather jackets and the mullet and the Olsen twins before they got weird, but even the best of us know when to quit. For example, I peaked in high school, and you don’t see me going around trying to recreate the glory days of being captain of the Field Hockey team and a member of the state champion Mock Trial group (yeah, that’s right, MOCK TRIAL).

Sure it’s cool you are trying to give the show a modern spin by introducing some diversity, and maybe re-casting what you like to think is a younger version of yourself (hmm....) But, I mean, you just had a pretty decent comeback with ER—I know that a Full House movie sounds nice and with this reinvigorated late 80s/early 90s kitsch everywhere it might even be timely. But dude, LET IT GO. From one Stamos to another...

So this round?

I win.

Obviously. And thank God because you really kicked my ass the last go-round.

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