Monday, June 01, 2009

E3: I've arrived

So I get to go to E3 this afternoon and all day tomorrow. What is E3? This massive trade show for video games, meaning that all the big players like Microsoft, Sony, Nintendo, Ubisoft, EA, Activision, etc are revealing their latest and greatest developments in games and gaming platforms. What does this mean for me? I've arrived. Well, in geek circles anyway.

Actually, hardly, but I'm pretty excited to be among the other nerdy press members trolling the grounds of the LA Convention center, tweeting about everything I am seeing as it happens. Yep, follow me on Twitter as that's the easiest version of liveblogging, or just check in here later this afternoon when my coverage begins. I love that this is for work. Sure, I might not be going to Comic Con (because, let me reiterate, that is one convention I will only go to if I have actual professional reason to), but this is pretty sweet, and it's press-only, so I'm feeling pretty jazzed to be considered a member of that lofty group.

Wait, I really just referred to the press as a "lofty group?" I would imagine the type of press covering a trade show of this nature are less lofty and more... well, yeah, as I said before, nerdy. Hey, maybe I'll meet my future husband and the Nintendo stage? One can only hope...

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