Monday, June 01, 2009

I want my MTV

Watching the MTV Movie Awards last night was just... GREAT. Truly. I have missed MTV. In all honestly the only time I watch the network is to catch The Hills and last night's season finale was the first time I'd watched the show this season since the first three episodes. Apparently not much had progressed in those episodes I missed because I felt like it picked up right where I left off, with Stacey the Bartender and the Montag-Pratt nuptials, Lauren being SO TOTALLY OVER IT ALL, and the OMG THE BITCH IS BACK appearance of Kristin Cavallari (who's excited? ME!). But after the finale it was fun watching the movie awards. Mostly for the Twilight love and New Moon trailer premiere (what you thought I was over the vampire phase? hah! Speaking of, last week I got to watch the new CW pilot The Vampire Diaries and let me just say I am really excited for another weekly emo/tween vampire fix) but also just because I think it's still a great pop culture event, even if the entire show is essentially a big platform to plug movies/tv shows/Orbit gum.

But then there are precious moments like this one:

Yep, just as awkward as expected. She's painful to watch, but then again, at least she knows it and can laugh about it.

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