Tuesday, June 23, 2009

I never thought I'd end up in an insert about "Maine Women"

Please go to this link (it's a PDF, FYI): http://www.keepmecurrent.com//directories/pdfFiles/MaineWomen_April09.pdf

Then please read the column on page 6, titled "Quarterlife Lessons."

I think I was interviewed for this back in March or something. I don't really remember, but then for some reason this morning I was reminded of it while going through old emails, and went in search of the article to see if it exists. And it does. Ah, what interesting hindsight I have... I wonder if anyone from my hometown actually saw this...

Fun fact, in middle school I job shadowed Kim Block, the chick whose column runs right before the one I'm in. And we've come full circle?

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