Thursday, July 30, 2009

Exciting News! (for me, anyway)

So I got a new job. Yep. I did. And you know what? It's fucking fantastic... as usual, I am not going to go into details of said position here (I guess I've never fully divulged what I actually do at these mysterious Hollywood assistant jobs, huh?) but let's just say I am finally in the world of my biggest entertainment-related love: television.

More importantly, I have less than two weeks remaining at the current job. You know what this means? It means I have less than two weeks to go all out in the wardrobe department, wearing as many bright colors and odd combinations I can possibly pull together. And I am definitely going to throw in a Lilly Pullitzer dress or two. It's about time. To kick things off, today I am wearing a lime green shirt and hot pink pants... a sort of neon prep look. Unfortunately I am STILL on the mend with the illness and might have to use up my last sick day tomorrow, but I am going to play that one by ear...

Anyway, things are looking UP! And it's not just the painkillers talking. (Did I mention that? That they prescribe vicodin for the flu now... who knew!)

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