Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Look Dad, YOU'RE Famous!

So I guess my dad is kind of a big deal. In Chile. Check it out:

Some of my thoughts:
1) Really, they can't spell Stamell the same way twice in the first sentence? FOR THE LOVE OF GOD, IT'S ONE "M" and TWO "Ls" (now you understand why I seriously consider the name change to Stamos on a regular basis).
2) My dad has completely gone gray. Sorry Dad, but on the flip side I think that makes you a "Silver Fox" or something.
3) Sounds ominous that he went to U. Michigan for his undergrad but merely received his MBA "in Maine." Apparently Maine is a place for business degrees. In which case, I'll be receiving my MBA when I go home next month.
4) Wow my dad's Spanish is excellent, I am especially impressed by his impeccable verb conjugations!
5) I wonder if when Chileans talk to him they use a silent "J." Ha. That's funny.
6) I could probably do a Stamos vs. Stamos post on this piece and probably win. Just sayin. Yeah, you heard me Stamos, my dad is cooler than your dad!

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