Monday, August 31, 2009

LA is Burning

Dear Los Angeles,

Enough already. Seriously, just stop it. All these earthquakes and fires and mudslides and pollution and botched plastic surgeries--ENOUGH! Well mostly enough when it comes to the natural disasters. I don't like looking up at the sky on a Saturday, when I am enjoying what should be a lovely day at the beach, and seeing some giant mushroom cloud of smoke over the city. Nor am I okay with it being late Saturday night when I might be enjoying some libations with a few friends and I see that parts of the hills are in flames like it's that one scene in The Lord of the Rings when they light up all those watch towers. And there's no pretty soundtrack playing in my version.

And sure, yeah, SURE--the fires make for nice time lapse videos online but I'm not down with the smoke in the air and the oppressive heat. And I am not even that close to ground zero!

So on second thought, maybe this should be an open letter to the Santa Ana winds who probably have something to do with the most recent fires, but you know I am just over LA and it's natural disaster issues.


P.S. Time lapse videos, because they are pretty:

Time Lapse Test: Station Fire from Eric Spiegelman on Vimeo.

Timelapse - Los Angeles Wildfire from Dan B. on Vimeo.

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Kate said...

This video is by one of our good friends! Small world...