Friday, August 07, 2009

Some Thoughts in my Mind Right Now That You Probably Don't Care About

If you are looking at this list thinking HEEEEEEEEEEELLLLL NO I am not reading that much of her mindless rambling, just skip to NUMBER SIX.


(1) I seem to attract angry seagulls. Last weekend, there I was, just minding my own business at the beach, enjoying my crime thriller novel au moment, when BAM! a seagull craps on my leg. Although I've been told it's good luck (can anyone verify this?). And this is a mere three weeks after that other seagull divebombed for my sandwich. So I'd like to know: WHAT IS THE DEAL WITH THE CALIFORNIA SEAGULLS?

(2) In other news, I have three days left at my current job (including today). First of all, who knew that two weeks notice flies by so quickly? It's exciting but also very surreal. And sad... but also great... so it's just a ROLLER COASTER of emotions up in here.

(3) You know I am sad my job will no longer be as a trend forecaster. Because then I will lose credibility when telling random people things like "MIMOSA IS THE NEW HOT COLOR" or "YES IT IS PERFECTLY ACCEPTABLE TO PAINT YOUR NAILS MULTIPLE SHADES OF NEON COLORS."

(4) Which brings me to my next point... at the new job how long do I have to wait before I can bust out the neon clothing? Today I am wearing pants so neon they may as well be nuclear (seriously, they are the color of a yellow highlighter) and a bright purple tye-dye t-shirt. Sure it's my form of silent rebellion, of sticking it to the MAN, of saying "SUCK IT SUITS" but in all honesty, while I do love bright colors I've definitely exaggerated my love and frequency when placed in such a corporate environment. Good news is that the new gig appears to be much less corporate. So yeah maybe less neon?

(5) And better news? I am going to be in MAINE soon. I FUCKING LOVE MAINE. In case you didn't know that. You probably did. I love it so much. I also love the ocean. The ocean in Maine feels infinitely crisper and cleaner than here in LA. Probably because it's significantly less polluted. I want to live in the ocean. (OK contribute that last quote to Becca).

(6) And MOST IMPORTANTLY: I am now following John Stamos on Twitter. Yes, the REAL John Stamos (not my dad), and I need to begin tweeting at him, to facilitate the mind blowing experience of a real life Stamos vs. Stamos but I NEED YOUR HELP. I need to use STRATEGERY to go about this. Because imagine what would happen to the universe if we were to meet or EVEN DUEL over Twitter (okay, we wouldn't duel, per se, but the universe would probably explode). Personally, I think Uncle Jesse and I could be the best of friends but I WANT TO MAKE THIS HAPPEN. Help me make this happen! SERIOUSLY! Leave comments, email suggestions... oooh what if all 30 of you regular readers began a Twitter campaign for STAMOS TO MEET STAMOS. HOLY SHIT. Let's do it! In the words of P. Diddy "LET'S GO PEOPLE!"

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