Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Au Revoir, Death Star

So it's my last day at work today. You know what that means, surely? It means I pulled out all the stops and put together one of the brightest outfits I could create.

Here's what I am working with:

-Electric green dress that is sort of like one of those potato sack/mumu dresses
-Crazy scarf with tassels that is pink, blue, yellow and white with some glittery stripes
-Neon orange Obama Watch
-Neon pink arm bracelet that Adubs brought me back from Argentina
-Neon orange nail polish on toes
-Gold and tan gladiator sandals
-Neon orange purse
-White Oakley frogskins (when I am outside, that is)

It feels good.

And this morning when I got into the elevator with four other people wearing the drabbest color suits, I couldn't have been more pleased. And I am psyched to move onto a world full of color, where maybe my affinity for neon won't stand out as much. And if it does... well, I'm used to it.

And now I actually have work to do (I KNOW! HOW DARE THEY MAKE ME WORK ON MY LAST DAY!) but there's no erasing the smile on my face.

And have I ever mentioned that the nickname for my office building is the Death Star... fitting for a Star Wars geek, no? So many times I've wanted to declare "This Death Star is fully armed and operational." Maybe that will be my final farewell? Nah, I'm thinking a "STAMOS OUT!" as I mime the tossing of the mic. Too much?

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Samartdog said...

Because you are of course the paramount epitome of discretion, we have no idea where you're going. But you know. Right?
Follow the neon brick road.
Follow the neon brick road.