Tuesday, September 29, 2009

God, I'm Nice

So I spent $90 at Trader Joe's last night. That seems like it's impossible to do, and trust me, I was amazed when they told me the final tally, especially considering the fact I've never spent more than $50 in one go there, but nonetheless, I had a $90-sized hole in my pocket but enough groceries to last for a while. Or so I think.

See I have this issue at work of always offering everyone around me all my food. Usually, people don't want the food I offer because it's all either organic or weird (see: organic black licorice bites) but often times, when offered, people will accept. And while I am always happy to share, every time someone else takes something from my stash I can't help but think that I am just losing money left and right... but I can't stop myself from offering. I am just TOO nice! SERIOUSLY. Or maybe I am just paranoid and bad at sharing? Yeah, I am probably not nice at all just being one of those selfish girl who hoards away all her food or something. I don't know, but clearly the whole situation has me questioning myself. I confused.*

*Lack of conjugated verb intended to better express confusion.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

I smell a dinner party!! I'll bring the organic after dinner mints!!