Friday, September 25, 2009


Okay. If you're a longtime reader of this blog (I think there might be, like, 7 of you) then you know that I occasionally like to chronicle the trials and tribulations of New York socialites. Well, really just Olivia Palermo and Tinsley Mortimer, and only because my dad has a fascination with women who are famous for no other reason than being famous... or something. So imagine my excitement (and Olivia Palermo's insane jealousy) to learn that Queen Bee Tinsley Mortimer (my dad's favorite socialite) will be getting her own "docusoap" on The CW.

YES. YES. YES! This is (as the online gamers/nerds say,) so full of win. It's going to be terrible and addictive and amazing. And I have a feeling my dad will watch every episode, even when he pretends he won't. And I also have a feeling I will get really excited and blog endlessly about it and then stop caring after it airs when I am easily distracted by some other new show on SyFy.

UPDATE: My dad just emailed: "I'm over her." I think he's lying.

ANOTHER UPDATE: My dad just emailed again, after reading this post (and apparently the one below): "Sorry, I am over her and I won't watch the show but I am excited about my new sweatpants. I hope they fit. xo, Dad" I still don't believe him about Tinsley Mortimer but I am now very concerned about my sweatpants.

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