Thursday, September 24, 2009

Man, I am dumb sometimes

So, I'm fighting off a cold, right? And in my attempt to go full court press on this sucker and not get really sick I may have been over doing it on the various medicines (homeopathic or otherwise). Correction, I definitely have been over doing it.

Last night in my drugged up state I thought it would be an excellent idea to purchase a pair of University of Michigan sweatpants. No, I did not go to the University of Michigan, however I am a big fan of Michigan football, and I guess I had a momentary longing for those college days where there was nothing better than a fresh pear of sweats. So I did some online shopping and after much debate between yellow and white, I went with these:

Now, that was my first mistake. White sweatpants. That was a TERRIBLE idea. I am one of the klutziest people I know, and have a tendency to spill on myself several times a day so why on Earth would WHITE sweatpants be a smart decision?

Secondly, I really flubbed up when placing the order. Instead of listing my shipping address as my California address and my billing address as my New York address, I did the reverse. Which means my dad is about to receive a pair of Michigan sweatpants, which he might end up keeping for himself. He's the one who actually went there.

Yes, I already tried to re-route the order but the dude at the Michigan store sort of just laughed at me and said he'd "see what he could do."

See kids, the lesson here is that you shouldn't go shopping when on drugs. That is all.

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Anonymous said...

Go Buckeyes!