Thursday, September 10, 2009

OMG! Water Cooler chat!

Wow. For the first time ever I am in one of those office workplace scenarios where people have morning water cooler chat and let me tell you: it is AWESOME. Especially when you work in TV and the conversation is about last night's television shows, specifically the amazing Glee. I did an inner happy dance this morning after chatting with two people in business affairs about the show. Is that weird? Sure. Hey it's better than the last place I worked, where a lot of people acted too cool to chat about TV shows and I would make fun of people in the elevators with excessively overused small talk and no one ever caught on. Such is office life...

But anyway, yes Glee is amazing, mostly because the 12-year-old version of myself that only listened to musical soundtracks adores this show. So don't act shocked when I tell you that immediately after watching I downloaded last night's episode highlight: "Take a Bow" sung by the incredibly talented newcomer Lea Michele. Girl's got pipes. Reminds me of a younger Idina Menzel... and now I've revealed to you that other nerdy side of me, yes the part that really does love musical theater and contemporary performers.

Moving on... anyway... no idea what my point is here, but yes, watch Glee. Then talk about it with your co-workers. It's all the rage round the water coolers these days.

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Bridget said...

Dear Annie,
I just started reading your blog & regret to inform you we don't have a watercooler at my office. Do you have any other suggestions for inter-office communication with co-workers? Your attention to this matter would be greatly appreciated!