Wednesday, November 18, 2009

tooooo late to apologiiiiize...

I like One Republic.

Yesterday a friend emailed me a song from their new album "Waking Up", and then last night, on a complete whim, I bought it. (I tend to do bizarre things right before going to bed, like buying music I don't know if I like, writing articles with typos and sending them to the Huffington Post - although they published it - oh and, using Star Trek as a DVD to lull me to sleep).

Anyway, I remembered I got the album last night, and then I was slightly embarrassed this morning, but now I've been listening to it all day, and I must say: I like it. I enjoy One Republic. Sure it sounds a bit like they listen to too much U2 or maybe they're scoring the sequel to Romeo + Juliet (I swear to God they use a Des*ree riff at one point) but I'm digging these jams.

I'm not all that sure why I am so hesitant to admit this, I guess I don't really think of One Republic as an example of high quality music. But then again, neither is Celine Dion and I fucking love her.

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bobbins34 said...

Could it be the song 'Everybody Loves Me' - cause that is a good song