Tuesday, November 17, 2009

I Would Like to Have Sex with Seth Meyers

(Preemptive apologies to my family, for the occasional blog post with TMI just in the title. AKA, this one).

I love Seth Meyers. Seriously. There's something about that dude that just pulls me to him like a G-D magnet in overdrive. Maybe the dimples? Nah, it's his comic genius and perfect delivery. Who knew that a great sense of humor would be my ultimate undoing? Everytime I watch SNL Weekend Update I always think the same thing. And I don't need to verbalize that for you, because it's up in that title up there and now I'm embarrassed to say it twice.

Okay, I'll say it again: I would like to have sex with Seth Meyers.

Seriously, how great is he?

What's that? Oh, he was talking about Sarah Palin? Yeah I'm not even going to go there. I blocked her out.

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