Monday, November 16, 2009

You Had Me at Griffith Observatory, and then I Went Catatonic at J.J. Abrams

So late last week a friend of mine kindly extended an invite to join him at the Griffith Observatory this fine evening for the Star Trek DVD release party. Be still my geeky heart!

Now, when I received the email, you better believe he had me at Griffith Observatory, first and foremost. I’ve been to the Griffith Park area just once, to see Phoenix play at the Greek and when I was leaving the area I saw the Observatory and knew I would have to go one of these days. And what better reason to finally visit than for a party? And not just any party, but a party to celebrate Star Trek, one of my favorite movies of 2009, and pretty much geek heaven (and sure, my interest in the original series and spin-offs was spotty at best, but I do love science fiction and my grandfather was a diehard fan, so I'm even making Grampy proud!)

The invitation was messengered over to me earlier, and I had to take a moment to geek out, because it’s super intense, and I’ll obviously be saving it (after using it for parking, of course). Here's a glimpse at the side sans party details:

I took this with my iPhone, and somehow it came out upside down. But that's the Enterprise. Duh.

I’m really quite excited to see Chris Pine in the flesh (I mean, what girl WOULDN’T?), and maybe Leonard Nimoy (how would he feel about me quoting the bit from the Mugar Omni Theatre to him? I think I'll pass), but maybe I am the most excited just to be in the vicinity of J.J. Abrams, a creative genius I truly admire – and primarily for his work in television. (Hello, Alias, Lost, Fringe anyone?). It's going to take some self-restraint NOT to foolishly beg for Lost or Fringe secrets, but truthfully, in every other situation where I've been around any famous person I look up to, I have a tendency to just be real quiet and smile a lot. Or pretend I don't know them, because that's fun too. Sometimes I wonder what it would take me to actually have a freak out over seeing a celebrity and I am trying to think the closest I came to that... maybe for a writer at Entertainment Weekly once? (That's kind of sad). Oh well I was really psyched to see Paul Pierce in Vegas, definitely couldn't stop staring at him. And I saw Kate Walsh several times during my Grey's obsessed days, and she usually had me pretty star struck. But I don't know who it would be... I mean even when I saw David Duchovny speak at a panel I kept my cool (then again, in a crowd of X-Files fans it's pretty easy to stand at the cool end of the spectrum). In any case, I'm looking forward to mixing with rich, famous, average, Vulcans, and others at this bash.

Bonus point: there’s a meteor shower tonight. I mean, could this be anymore perfect?

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