Tuesday, December 15, 2009

I love KCRW so hard

I think one of the best things about moving to LA a little over two years ago was discovering truly fantastic public radio.

Growing up in Maine I always associated NPR with shows like "Car Talk," "All Things Considered" (gotta love that intro music) and drives home from Sugarloaf, the ski mountain we flocked to many weekends during the winter. So in other words, public radio lulled me to sleep over countless car rides from the age of 2 and on. (Yes, I learned how to ski when I was 2. What else do you think we did during Maine winters?)

However, I stopped listening to NPR on my own, in fact I never listened to the radio when I was at school at Middlebury - beyond random listens to a friend's show on the college station. I did have grand intentions of doing my own pop culture radio show with a witty friend, but that never came to fruition, and I ended up co-editor of the magazine Also instead (a sure sign I was a better writer than a talker? Maybe. Ironically, one of my favorite issues I contributed a lengthy article about Bob Dylan, music, and social movements - could have made for a great radio show, I suppose!).

Since moving to LA, however, I've rediscovered NPR. Now I associate NPR with KCRW - LA's fantastic public radio, and specifically with Jason Bentley's kickass music show "Morning Becomes Eclectic." Ever since the Indie channel here went under (boo) I pretty much stopped listening to the radio all together, but fortunately KCRW has Bentley's perfectly DJ-ed two hour show where I get to listen to some solid jams, whether I'm late to work, or streaming online once I've gotten into the office. It's the perfect way to start your morning. (Also, Jason Bentley sounds like he's hot. Something about that low, slightly monotonous voice... kind of like David Duchovny... and now I'm getting distracted...)

For those non-LAers who are interested, check it out for yourself at KRCW's website.

And don't worry, I make a point NOT to listen to NPR when driving home from ski trips nowadays. That's a recipe for disaster, no matter how interesting the the music or news topic!

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