Thursday, December 10, 2009

Where I spend most of my time...

If you're curious, I spend an anywhere from 9 to 12 hours a day sitting in between these two computers:

Why share this? Well, it started because I got my new mouse sent over from our IT department and it's rad. Like, really rad. And it's for my iMac so it's just remarkably prettier. Then I upgraded my TweetDeck which I had been reluctant to do because I don't know how I feel about the new RT policy on Twitter (if you're a non-Twitterer you probably don't care right now) and then I made sure the three Twitter accounts I have (don't worry, two are for work, only one is personal) were loaded and then I made that TweetDeck screen nice and big and now I just have a constant stream of bitesize information. (And that was one hell of a run-on sentence, huh?) At least, that's what the iMac is used for when I'm not doing any of the digital or graphic stuff... tracking the news.

My main computer is the PC, and it is here where I read, I write; I do it all. Actually, a surprising amount of writing takes place on this computer - from this here blog to the HuffPo pieces, and as FinalDraft is soon to be installed, hopefully I'll start doing some of the screenwriting here as well (mostly I do that at home). Granted, it's mostly email that happens at this lovely desk, but when I have a spare moment, you better believe I am writing. Or on Twitter. Or both.

It's worth pointing out my AstroBoy HappyMeal toy, as well as the sweet coffee mug I've had for ever (on the inside, when you drink everything up, it says "The End").

Now for the flare:

Here I've got the personal touches, and I'll give you a rundown of some of the stuff you can see here... yes, another DVD/CD burner to complete my space station, but you can see I've got about three different programming schedules up as well. Actually one is a production schedule and one is my personal Fall TV schedule so I can keep track of all the shows I watch. Oh and one is the dog's exercise schedule. So never mind.

Here we also have my obligatory John Stamos photo, my Obama HOPE postcard, stickers for TOMS and Aviator Nation - two of my favorite California apparel companies, a postcard of a Dali painting, a postcard of the Eiffel Tower, a picture of me and my brother (awwww) and some X-Ray Spex (don't ask). And a friend who works at FBC (that's the FOX network - and trust me, it's hard to keep track) gave me the postcards for Bones and Fringe, which I have up as motivation - you know, when you work in TV, it's a good reminder to remember what else is out there. Now I just need someone at NBC to get me a Friday Night Lights poster and I'm all set!

Most important would be the Pop Rocks bag I've got stuck up on the bulletin board. I LOVE POP ROCKS. And that bag is unopened and currently being saved for a day when I absolutely need them. No idea what could warrant that absolute need for Pop Rocks, but I'll let you know when it happens.

That's pretty much it. Bored yet? Yeah, this is my life. My fabulous glamorous life, where I stare at two computers all day.

But to be honest, I do love it... At the end of the day, I'm making TV. So you'll see no complaints from me!

One complaint: My TV, (not seen here, on the other side of the desk) needs cable. And DVR. But then I might as well request a bed and stuff... and then I'd never leave. So scratch that - no complaints!


SamArtDog said...

Excellent digs, dude! Having been challenged by other artists (besides you) to post a pic of my studio, I'll be doing that soon. Stay tuned...

Kate said...

"Then I upgraded my TweetDeck which I had been reluctant to do because I don't know how I feel about the new RT policy on Twitter"
- I had the same reservation. Also not too thrilled with TweetDeck's inability to track the RTs from inside the app, unless I missed something.

"But then I might as well request a bed and stuff... and then I'd never leave"
lol :D Too funny

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