Tuesday, December 08, 2009

Making a List, Checking it Twice

In case you missed out, my Pop Culture Christmas list is up at HuffPo.

But I know what you really want. You want my REAL Christmas list, the one I actually send to my family, because even though I am 26 years old I still write a Christmas list, every single year (I wasn't kidding when I said I value the importance of the list and its ability to help your loved ones shop at a greater ease).

So for a refresher, last year's list, and now the new one... (pulled from the family email chain).

I really don't need anything, and it's funny because this might be the first year where I seriously struggled to think of what I want/need:

But as Carla has insisted...

Here ya go (bigger stuff listed near the top):

Coachella tickets
Digital Camera
Barbour "Beaufort" coat in Olive - or whatever they are calling green (maybe Sage?)
a bike
Someone to pay off my credit card debt? (A long shot, I know)
That we go onto the AT&T family plan!!!
New headphones (with a mic) for my iPhone (I legitimately need these bc those ones that came with the phone are shitty and I've already gone through two pairs)
Up! on DVD
Save the Cat (screenwriting book)
Elephant Bucks (TV writing book)
Maybe a gray purse? I am into slouchy messenger bag types that aren't too big... or dark brown, or a bright red/orange bag?
Gift certificates to any of the following are always great: J. Crew, Madewell, Piperlime, Anthropologie, Amazon, Target, Lulu Lemon, Orvis
New Yoga mat and maybe one of those nice yoga blanket/towel things

Some thoughts:
(1) Yes, I asked for a gift card to Orvis. I'm from Maine, remember?
(2) I really, really want an excuse to not pay my cellphone bill so I figure the family plan is the best bet.
(3)The one common thing on both lists? Someone to pay my credit cart debt. How sad.
(4) Compared to last year, I'm a little less obsessed with working out, it would appear.
(5) I don't want to disclose how many digital cameras I've gone through, which is why I know that's one thing on my list I probably won't be getting...
(6) Ha. Hahaha. I "struggled." Haha. Lies.

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