Tuesday, January 05, 2010

A brief diatribe on the Canadian Tuxedo

Well, call me Denim Dan. And call 2010 the year in which the Canadian Tuxedo made a return. That’s right folks, you heard it here first: denim on denim is back in a big way. I mean, don’t tell me you are surprised. It’s only natural that we’d move onto 90s fashion after the 80s were such a hit the second time around. You’d have to be an idiot not to have seen all the plaid and flannel everywhere the past two years (and I can’t even tell you how much I regret not holding onto every L.L. Bean flannel I ever had in middle school). The hipsters hip-ified the grunge look, but before they ruin the Canadian Tuxedo and all it’s ironic glory, I’m embracing this timeless look.

First let me clarify something: I have no idea why it’s called the Canadian Tuxedo. I mean, do a lot of Canadians wear jean and jean shirt combos? The only Canadians I’ve ever met are the French speaking ones who frequent Maine beaches in the summer. They're usually wearing bathing suits. And once I met this cool chick from Toronto when I was backpacking Europe in college but I couldn’t tell you what she wore. It was Amsterdam. Or Vienna. Or something.

Actually, one of my co-workers called my look today the Redneck Tuxedo, which leads me to wonder if many people think Canadians are rednecks (and I’m pretty sure they’re not) and if there really have been people rocking this often unflattering denim uniform consistently over the years in some of America's greatest flyover country. You know what? I am going to go ahead and make an educated guess that for some, this look never went away.

But you see, there is an art to the look. I mean, that is if you really want to sell it. You either go all out and look like jackass, or you go all out and look like you're just too cool to care; thus what is probably unflattering you have consequently made amazingly flattering. Now, to avoid an unflattering Canadian Tuxedo you have to be particular about the denim you chose. For example, a lighter denim shirt paired with dark denim pants is a wise decision. And I recommend against a jean jacket (although I suppose that is the true Canadian Tuxedo right there).

And I must say I’m feeling pretty footloose and fancy-free in my denim duds today. That is, until another co-worker said I remind her of Jay Leno in his Jay-walking sketches. I’m not okay with that comparison. I’d much rather be Canadian.

Can anyone verify if this look was actually heralded by Canadians? Someone else is now telling me they call it a Mexican tuxedo. Now I'm just starting think this is all an opportunity for some stereotyping. In which case, don't call me Denim Dan, just call me an asshole.

I wonder if I was Canadian if my unabashed love for Celine Dion would be more acceptable...


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