Monday, January 04, 2010

Happy Happy

Happy 2010 Everyone. And Happy Birthday to Me. Yeah, because if there’s anywhere you can wish yourself a happy birthday it should be your own blog, the hub of all things narcissistic, right?

Anyhoo… I’d like to share some of my New Years Resolutions, because I mean, if you share them then you feel a bit more committed to following through, right? I mean I really did fulfill most of mine from last year. Still working on getting my shit together however...

  • Blog every weekday (off to a rip-roaring start!)
  • Submit a HuffPo pieces on a more frequent and regular schedule
  • Watch The Wire (I mean how can I claim to be a TV buff when I haven't even watched what is apparently the best show of the past decade?)
  • Do yoga once a week
  • Go for a hike once a month
  • Create – and stick with – a regular writing routine (for my non-blogging endeavors)
  • Don’t buy anymore sunglasses (I have a problem)
  • Travel more
  • Save more
  • And as always… BE PROFESSIONAL (or something)

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