Monday, January 25, 2010

Pudding and Mustaches

I was enjoying a Jello snack pack after lunch today, and decided to send out a little tweet about it. You know, because Jello pudding now reminds me of this funny quote from Lie to Me (because at this point, why wouldn't everything in my life make me think of a television show?) and long story short, this spiraled into some Twitter riffing on a show called PUDDING AND MUSTACHES.


Well, mustaches are like the NEW HOT THING in TV (or something). And then there's pudding... a treat that's slowly been creeping onto the airwaves for some time now. Okay, sure pudding is almost always featured in hospital scenes (and on a side note, when I was in the hospital post-surgery, I did not get any pudding), but I'm starting to notice pudding is popping up EVERYWHERE. And I am not alone. A friend of mine, who is a TV reporter (yes! A real live TV reporter! And when I say "friend" I'm not even talking about myself! This is someone else who is a TV blogger! I KNOW!) jumped in on the fun, and together we came up with some potential loglines for what is sure to be the next massive hit on NBC:

PUDDING AND MUSTACHES: Pudding thieves plot to take over the JELLO plant, but are thwarted by mustached men. Rights to JELLO are pending.

PUDDING AND MUSTACHES: A teenage girl discovers the only way to get rid of her puberty-induced mustache is by smearing it with pudding.

PUDDING AND MUSTACHES: The sordid tale of Tom Selleck's mustache gone rogue. Its weakness? Tapioca pudding.

PUDDING AND MUSTACHES: In which a monkey grows a mustache. And eats pudding.

PUDDING AND MUSTACHES: New reality competition to see which team can make the best/most creative facial hair using only pudding.

PUDDING AND MUSTACHES: Crime show where the only way to collect forensic evidence is with pudding. Half of the cops must have mustaches.

So which one of these is NBC most likely to buy? I'm guessing the one with the monkey.

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