Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Say Hello to the New & (Slightly) Improved...

If, like my dad, you cringed every time you clicked on my blog to see that massive photo of an open mouth and ugly braces (which, I must repeat, WERE NOT MINE!!!!) than you should be oh-so thrilled to see my NEW AND (SLIGHTLY) IMPROVED blog design!

Why the update? Well... I proclaim to be some sort of TV know-it-all and social media whiz kid (which, on a side note, is also a bold claim, I'll be the first to admit). Not something that really came across in the previous layout (and I emphasize the slightly, because not so sure it's coming across here either). Furthermore, what better way to honor both my experience having my own jaw wired shut and my love for television than using an image of Homer Simpson, from the infamous Simpsons episode "Jaws Wired Shut?"

Additionally, I've added some page features at the top, where you can find links to everything I write on the Huffington Post, my Twitter page, and a ridiculous over-the-top bio. And you can heckle me on email! No Nigerian money propositions please! (But penis enhancers or links for cialis I may consider).

So, please sound off with your thoughts on this redesign in the comments below. And if you're curious about how this blog got started in the first place, I'd suggest taking a walk back through time with the posts I've linked to below. I definitely was still getting a grasp on this whole blogging thing then, and the post-surgery blog was likely written under the influence of massive painkillers, so that's fun. Ah, look how I've grown!


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Robyn Silverstone said...

Cool. A blog revamp is always a good thing. Just did mine & it's great to have with a 'fresh' approach... lies. No seriously, keep up the posting.