Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Get to know Die Antwoord

This South Africa "zef-rap" group is pretty controversial, thanks to some over-hype, internet-meme status, and the mystery that surrounds them (are they real? Is this a Borat-esque joke? Must Yolandi - the androgynous towhead sidekick- swear at everyone?) But I recently caught their act at Coachella, and love the album (streaming at their site). Whether or not they’re “real,” Die Antwoord offers up some fun beats, hilarious lyrics, and just over-the-top antics – all worth checking out.

Yes, some NSFW language and phallic imagery abounds, so if you are easily offended I'd suggest passing... but otherwise? That Zef is so Fre$...


Anonymous said...

Totally love this band from SA!!! Go ninja and yolandi!! Some cool stuff about the band here by the way! --> http://www.dieantwoordzeflings.com

Robyn Silverstone said...

Yeah, there def is a lot of noise and hype in S.A about them. They are definitely doing well and added a whole new dimension to S.A music.

Just an FYI: South Africans aren't that common. I would think; like you, it's an act.