Thursday, April 15, 2010

My First Internet Feud!

Have I finally made it? Because I've unwillingly engaged in an internet feud - oh what fun this is... actually, it's pretty weird, and all stemming from a piece I wrote the other day about the television show Private Practice.

Who knew people would feel so passionate about Private Practice? Actually - it's more like one person has a serious vendetta, considering a commenter on my last Huffington Post piece "Please Cancel Private Practice. Seriously." is accusing me of cultural fascism, among other things (on a side note - cultural fascism? That gave me a good laugh. My roommates are considering making t-shirts). Oh and someone on Twitter told me I both "suck" and am "stupid." To "chocolotema19" I say: thanks and many happy returns!

I've compiled a few choice quotes from this commenter below, who it would appear is also a blogger for the site, and writes under the moniker Tallulah Morehead. I've also included my own response. Or just check it all out for yourself here.

This Tallulah character:

Now I have no argument with your assertion that PRIVATE PRACTICE is not a good show. I watched the pilot and never tuned in again. Frankly, after three seasons of Grey's Anatomy, I realized that I had no interest however remote in ANY further knowledge of these characters, and never tuned in again to that either.

But I fail to see whay you should call for a cancellation of a show you admit you don't watch. Does someone come to your house with a gun and FORCE you to look at it? Don't the people who LIKe the show (I assume someone is wacthing it, or it wouldn't stay on the air) have any rights? Where is it written that "If Annie Stamell hates a show it MUST BE CANCELLED!" How does it staying on the air discomfort YOU?

You don't like it, as I don't, then don't watch it, but quit yelling to have something banned or cancelled because you personally don't like it. Other people, yes, people who aren't you, have rights too, and frankly, calling for the cancellation of a popular show just because YOU PERSONALLY don't like it is cultural Fascism.

Get a life, lady.

And then this:

Let me add, since I still find this article offensive, it says in your profile that you work in television. How would you like it if jerks like yuou posted articles stating you should be thrown out of work and become unemployed because THE JERK doeesn't like your show?

Doesn't your TV have a channel-changer or an "Off" button?

Don't like it? Don't watch it.

And my response:

I'm sorry you found the article offensive as that wasn't my intention - and while I appreciate your comments, please note that much of the tone of this article was in jest. I had hoped readers would recognize the sarcasm... though admittedly sarcasm is not always an easy tone to convey. It looks as though it evaded you, and some of the other readers, here. That's a shame.

Isn't one benefits of the blog at The Huffington Post that we can share opinions? I'm not speaking for anyone besides myself, and I am entitled to my opinion of the show, and as a pop culture writer and "student of television" I'm sharing that opinion in a public forum.

However, as someone who works in TV (yes, it's true) - this post was prompted by my own observations of the television-making process. I see so many excellent shows come and go that are never given a shot to make it to the air, much less a pilot script - so sometimes it would be nice to see a lesser show come to an end, so a better one could take it's spot. I'm advocating for quality content, not job loss. But then again, Private Practice certainly has a big audience who continues to tune in, so good for them, and good for all the hard-working people who contribute to the show.

Again, all this is merely my opinion - not attempting to enforce my beliefs on anyone, and while I found your cry of cultural fascism quite entertaining, I find that statement and your notion that these are "Nazi tactics" both far-fetched and exaggerated - it's simply a public plea, an outright statement - take it or leave it... no sweat off your back either way...

Ultimately, I find it unfortunate you've devoted so much time to expressing your anger over my post. It looks like it's been exhausting. Try taking things a little less seriously and see where that gets you. Maybe then a silly post about a girl-crush on Kate Walsh and disdain for a TV show won't cause you so much emotional distress. Best of luck.

Well, what do you think? She makes some valid points - I mean no one is forcing me to watch the show, and I could simply change the channel, but doesn't this all seem a bit excessive? And is it really difficult to get the joke here? The absurdity of it all? And shit, when did I get so zen about everything?

Please weigh in below - would love to know what my Jaw Wired Shut readers think. And if you feel like defending my honor at HuffPo - well, go right ahead!


Cole said...

Cole Parlin agrees with Annie. And he is from Maine...

Julie said...

I completely agree with you -- this person who accused you of cultural fascism (I laughed at that as well) definitely needs to rethink the concept of an online blog, where the entire point is to write opinionated articles where you can say whatever the hell you want. I also can't believe they told you to get a life; it's like sixth grade all over again.

Rayanna said...

It's not like now that you said that is not a good show they are going to just cancell it! And it's not a very good show indeed. I still watch it sometimes, but it could be replaced by a better one for sure. And if that person doesn't even watch Private Practice, why does she even care if get cancelled or not, which obviosly isn't going to happen because of one post!

Robyn Silverstone said...

You have to make a t-shirt. That chirp was just too good "If Annie Stamell hates a show it MUST BE CANCELLED!"

Glarkware, Springleap, Threadless - use em

KO said...

fantastic response.

SamArtDog said...

"Cultural Fascist" is my new favorite oxymoron. Copyright it (take that, Tallulah!), print t-shirts and sell 'em to the masses.