Tuesday, June 15, 2010

"Why are you a Celtics fan?" "Well, I'm from Maine..."

OMG NO WAY! Another post about the Celtics! Look, it's like election day, when all I can think about is my team (at least I am not live-blogging my every thought and whim, right?) so indulge me for a moment, as I am going to explain my love for the Celtics...

My dad loved basketball. When he was a kid growing up in Michigan, that was the sport he loved to watch, play, whatever. So, only natural that when my brother and I were kids my dad wanted us to find the same enjoyment and fun out of watching basketball as he did. Thing is, we grew up in Maine. There are no professional basketball teams in Maine (well until about a year ago when the Red Claws, the Celtics' development team, came to Portland), for that matter, there aren't any major league professional sports teams in Maine - so my dad had no choice but to take us to see games in the nearest city with some high-caliber sports events - thus, hello Boston, hello Celtics. My father was, and still is, a diehard Pistons fan, and besides that, he likes to be contrary just to be contrary, so he holds strong to hating the Celtics.

How ironic that in the process of getting his two young kids to fall in love with basketball, we both fell in love with the Celtics in the process?

This picture makes me laugh because I am SUCH a little sister...

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