Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Live Blog: Election 2008

Hello loyal readers! While it's likely you won't be turning to my blog for any factual non-partisan election information today, I do want to let you know I am going to be providing some Live Blog coverage similar to the running inner monologue that was my Super Tuesday coverage. However, this time around it's going to be a LEGIT live blog. So keep coming back alllllll day long for updates.

6:05 am Wake up. Do I want to work out? No. Do I want to pee? Yes. Back to sleep.

6:40 am Wake up again, this time with the intention of getting some news and getting ready for the day. Run into DiTonto in the hallway, who, per usual, laughs at my crazy hair and sleepy incoherent ramblings about Obama winning some town in New Hampshire. She's clearly shown me up because she did work out this morning.

7:00 am Out of the shower to blow dry AND straighten my hair. Shit I haven't given myself a blow out in DAYS. All for you Obama.

7:25 am Election Day outfit: Pre planned. My two favorite Obama buttons and a necklace with a little pendant that is the great state of Maine. So much pride. Feeling really patriotic today. I might be wearing bright green pants, but I am LOVING FREEDOM.

7:30 am Watching DirecTV's SWEET election coverage--8 split screens covering all the major networks. Why do I have to go to work again?

7:45 am Watching Yes We Can in DiTonto's room, dancing, singing along, spontaneously bursting into tears/laughter.

7:55 am In the car with DiTonto (carpooling to be good Americans and to save the environment), looking for something inspiring on the radio. NOTHING. Yes We Can again!

8:15 am At work. Boo. Coffee a must. Thank God for CNN live online.

8:43 am Dammit. I always forget that coffee makes me really hot. Sweating... what else is new...

8:57 am Order breakfast. Totally splurging on a delicious Election day feast.

9:06 am Reading this NY Mag article about Obama talking about his grandmother and start to cry. It's going to be a long day, folks.

9:39 am Just finished breakfast and watched this West Wing clip about voting (thanks to EW's PopWatch).

Josh Lyman, I adore you. I loved that show. Actually I watched a few episodes Saturday when I was laying around hungover. Nothing like a fake president to get me to feel involved. I wish President Bartlett was what we'd had for the last 8 years, not some other hack.

10:15 am Start watching Gossip Girl. Need distraction...

10:33 am Staff meeting, during which I am given 5 new projects. Hate being a Team Player. Forgot I had to work today...

11:04 am Never mind spending the whole day refreshing HuffPo. Time to work. Well, it will make the time pass...

1:14 pm Definitely learning that having a LOT of work not only distracts me from the polls but makes the day go much faster... bummed though, I had grand intentions of going to the Obama phone bank across the street for lunch to make some calls, you know really just FIRE IT UP on Election Day here in SoCal. Not looking like it's going to happen though...

2:21 pm Just ate some lunch at my desk. By which I mean, despite wanting to vomit/cry/spontaneously combust, I forced myself to chow down on Trader Joe's finest Sesame Tofu Salad. Even though I have had one cup of coffee today I feel like I am all hopped up on meth or something (hence the nausea, among other things?). Polls in Indiana close within the hour. Christ.

2:25 pm Just researched flights to New Zealand. Really fucking expensive. But if McCain pulls this off, I've got a lot of packing to do.


2:44 pm Goddamn HuffPo. I love you but like every five minutes you have THE. MOST. DRAMATIC. HEADLINE. EVER. and it's stressing me out! Example:

I just went to the bathroom but that headline makes me need to nervous pee. Okay, yeah that is a gross description but YOU KNOW WHAT I AM TAKING ABOUT.


2:50 pm I did not vomit.

3:05 pm I am drinking Chamomile tea in a preventive measure AGAINST VOMITING. Polls have closed in some places in Kentuck and Indiana. In one hour the real shit storm begins.

3:23 pm Must... refrain... from... reading... exit polls...

3:24 pm FUCK. I have not self restraint. Oh God, the exit polls are looking tighter than anticipated. THIS IS BAD NEWS because they always tend to lean Democratic anyways. Now, I might actually vomit.

3:41 pm YES. 1% reporting in Indiana with Obama winning. If the rest of the state goes that way, I will in a significantly better mood. For now, I am going to settle for a disgusting sugar free chocolate mint hard candy. I CHOSE A BAD WEEK TO CUT OUT CARBS.

3:50 pm Workflow has calmed down, time to watch some TV in someone's office. God Bless you CNN.

3:56 pm 4 minutes until some big guns come out. Still comprehending significance of this election. However, the desire to vomit is subsiding for the moment... for some reason I started daydreaming about what it would have been like if Gore had won in 2000 (OH WAIT HE DID, so what I mean to say is, if Bush hadn't stolen the presidency) and then maybe we wouldn't be in Iraq right now, or maybe we all be driving hybrid cars and everything would run on solar and wind power and we'd all be getting Nobel Peace Prizes...

4:08 pm That nervous pee sensation is back. No wait, I really do have to pee...

4:32 pm Yep. Done working for the day. Seriously. I just don't have it in me. Thinking when it will be appropriate to ask to go the Obama HQ across the street, where I will be spending the duration of the evening (live blogging tonight might be spotty with the iPhone) but going to hold off until at least 5 pm.

4:36 pm A co-worker just told me Obama is leading in Maine. I LOVE MAINE.

5:12 pm MAINE TO OBAMA. YES. Also: you've lost me to the TV at this point... running around my office like a crazy person, have somehow become the de facto go-to person for all things politics, it appears. Will be light posting from here on out.

6:40 pm First Pennsylvania, then Ohio... Florida might be next... I don't even know what to say... I am feeling optimistic. Keeping my fingers crossed for the rest of the night.

10:33 pm Just got home. Elated. Obama is the next president of the United States. I never thought it would happen. It did. YES WE DID! Another great speech, another knock out of the park... had a hilariously bizarre night and celebration with people I barely knew at Pink Taco of all places... but I couldn't imagine it any other way... History folks, history. (And I promise a more coherent, better written election night recap tomorrow). Still watching CNN, hoping for a big NO ON PROP 8 here in California... Obama is the first step in the right direction. Obama is President-Elect.

Sweet dreams to all, and here's to a pleasant tomorrow.

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sam said...

good luck, annie! (with the blogging and the election.)