Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Six Haikus for 'Terriers'

So like everyone is always all WATCH TERRIERS IT'S REALLY GOOD AND NO ONE IS WATCHING IT WHICH IS JUST SILLY. And I totally agree. It IS really good. And I'm like three episodes behind! Which I am somewhat ashamed to admit, especially as I am a huge proponent for this show and LOVE the show, but let's move on to the relevant point here, which is best expressed through the following haikus:

Watch Terriers please.
The best show on TV now.
Donal Logue seems nice.

It is Wednesday night.
That show Terriers is on.
It's better than Glee.

No one watches it,
But Terriers is just great
So what's wrong with you?

Did you like The Shield?
Terriers is Shawn Ryan's
and it's on FX

Terriers is good
It is not about a dog
Bad marketing huh?

If you watch TV
Tonight watch Terriers, not
Law & Order: LA

Okay so I might be a horrible haiku writer (I should stick to my seven day jobs, huh?) but you should really consider watching this fabulous television drama, tonight at 10pm on FX. 

Feel free to leave your own Terriers haiku in the comments! Or just tell me what you think of my feeble haiku attempts. Personally I think I peaked at #5.


Anonymous said...

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Cosmetology Chronicler said...

I'm going to have to disagree, Annie. I've watched every episode and what really bugs me about the show is that there is never any urgency. This was the same problem as "The Shield" (see the pattern?). I absolutely love Donal Logue and have since the "Tao of Steve," but he and his character never seem overly concerned about anything. It annoys me in cop shows (or PI shows like this one) when everything always works out in the end. Saying that, this last flashback episode was awesome!