Thursday, November 18, 2010

Fan-Made 'Hunger Games' Clip Literally and Figuratively KILLS!

Check out this fan-made (hard to believe, but yes it's true) clip from THE HUNGER GAMES. A warning: it has a major spoiler from the first book, and three violent deaths, and holy shit it is epic.

Am I right or am I right? What's most amazing to me is that this clip is so professional-looking. Okay, so Rue is actually supposed to be black (per the book) and I always imagined that the hovercraft sucked up the tributes' bodies almost immediately after they died, which means Katniss might not have had all that much time to lay out the flowers (although that did happen in the book - which was lovely - and anyone know the name of the jam that plays here after Katniss sings?), but overall this is really impressive. Professional and authentic-feeling - I mean those deaths sure look realistic, and those kids are good actors.

One thing is for sure - it makes me a helluva a lot more antsy for this movie to start production - which of course means it needs to be cast. I really hope they choose an unknown for Katniss. Actually - whoever this girl is, well done. I really like her in the part.

What did you guys think? Do you like the clip? Is it what you imagined as you read? And who's your dream Katniss?  Tell me your thoughts in the comments below!

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