Tuesday, November 02, 2010

Let's Talk About Prop 19

Do I smoke pot? Yes, yes I do. Is it legal? As of now - no. At the moment, marijuana is decriminalized on a state level, which is why I can go to my neighborhood dispensary and buy weed. But me and my pot-smoking is not why I want to talk about Prop 19. I want to talk about Prop 19 because I live in California and this state is totally in the shitter when it comes to money, and Prop 19 is a near-immediate solution to this massive problem.

I absentee-voted in Maine, so here's my plea for all you CA voters - Vote YES on Prop 19 not because I'm some crazy hippie pothead who lives in Venice (I actually live in Santa Monica), but because the state of California is totally in the can with a massive deficit. If marijuana is legalized it can be taxed, with an estimated $1.2 billion in revenue, not to mention creation of new jobs and a total economic impact of anywhere from 1 to 18 billion.  Voting YES is not part of the problem - it's the first important step in the solution.

And that's the last of my political ranting today. Carry on.

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