Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Ready, Set, Watch 'Fringe' Now!

Okay. Listen up you guys. That TV show Fringe, you know it? Sure you do. It's one of those science-fiction genre TV series that the guy who did Lost had something to do with and Pacey is in it and "yeah, yeah, I'm going to watch it one of these days" is the mantra you continue to tell yourself whenever anyone else ever brings it up.  But look, this show? This show is epic. And amazing. And it's kind of like a movie. So much so that there's this totally badass movie trailer for this week's episode "Entrada." I've watched this episode. It is good. IT IS VERY GOOD.  It is (and pardon my French here,) mindfuckery good. Like when I finished the episode I wanted to scream at the Fox screening site for not posting more episodes. Like immediately.  I also wanted to enlist Peter Bishop in some intense therapy sessions as I am now seriously concerned for his emotional well-being but I shall refrain from saying anything more... just watch the damn preview:

Here is how this is going to go down. You are going to watch this preview more than twice. Preferably three to five to seventeen times. (Trust me, after the first go-round, you're going to want to watch it like eighteen times.) Then, this Thursday night at 9pm you are going to turn your TV on to whatever channel FOX is where you live and you are going to watch Fringe. And you are going to marvel at the fact you missed two and a half seasons of this mindblowingly amazing crazypants masterpiece of a television show and vow to yourself you will never, ever, miss another episode of Fringe, for as long as it airs, so help you God or whatever deity you choose to believe in.

Got it?


Now... GO!

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anjali said...

Haha.. Great post Annie. LOVE IT!!