Wednesday, December 01, 2010

Nathan Fillion is the Definition of Photogenic, Apparently

One of my favorite snarky pop-culture sites, Pajiba, attempted to track down an unflattering picture of Nathan Fillion, to almost no avail (they found one picture, just one). Seriously. Check out the entertaining piece here - you'll see even the worst picture of him is not all that bad (clearly the camera caught him mid-sentence. It happens, okay?).  Fillion is one of those dudes who just oozes charm and charisma.  I'd totally want him at my 10 Dream Celebrities And/Or Dead People Dinner Party. And apparently he can't even take a bad picture, not even when holding a light saber in a chef's hat during an awkward mustache phase. Ugh, if I didn't love you so much Captain Mal Reynolds, then I'd totally hate you.  But I love you.

Fun Fact: Firefly was the first Joss Whedon show I ever watched, and thus it always holds a special place in my heart. And Nathan Fillion.

I'm still pissed Mal and Inara never hooked up. Serenity 2 anyone?

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