Tuesday, February 15, 2011

I LOVE TACO (this post is actually less dirty than it sounds, I swear)

Okay. So you may be familiar with this show The League. It's on FX, and like many other FX shows, I LOVE IT. I fucking love it so much that it's one of my favorite current TV shows and I ranked it as one of my Top 10 TV shows of 2010. My favorite character would be Taco for a variety of reasons, but mostly because he smokes out of a unicorn bong and learned how to notarize things and says stuff like "I have a mental erection."

And now, Jon Lajoie, the actor who plays Taco has released a delightfully hilarious music video set to a song called "Very Super Famous" which as my friend Jack mused, is totally ringtone worthy.  Check it out:

Okay now a pressing issue: is Jon Lajoie single? Does anyone have this intel?

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