Friday, February 11, 2011

The Reverse Moonlighting Curse

Yesterday I referred to the television show Bones as maybe suffering from the "Reverse Moonlighting Curse." As I explained  - The Reverse Moonlighting Curse is simple really: wherein a TV show goes to shit when the main couple DON'T hook up. See: X-Files S9, etc.

You picking up what I'm putting down? (Also - a Twitter follower called it the Reverse Lobster, referencing that bit on Friends when Phoebe tells Ross and Rachel they're each others' lobsters - who mate for life. But the Reverse Lobster sounds like an awkward sexual position so I'm sticking with the Reverse Moonlighting Curse or RMC, and I think they'd be like, two different things in this lame pop culture TV speak anyway).

Okay to bring this back to me (because that's how we roll here) and not to like, get all annoying "young woman in her late-20s starts to freak out about approaching 30 as a SINGLETON" on you guys, but you know what I realized? If my life were a TV show, it would be awesome. Let me try that over: If my life were a TV show, and I were the main character (duh), then I'd like to think I'm currently suffering from the Reverse Moonlighting Curse. Ya feel me???

Like, I just wanna say: Mr. Showrunner (God?), just put me together with my Future Husband already before this all goes downhill! You know what I'm talking about - my One True Love, who you are just keeping apart from me, for nonsensical reason after nonsensical reason - can't we just do it already? Before this plotline gets so drawn out that no one cares anymore?"

Well thank God my life isn't a TV show, RIGHT? Because there will be no curses or vexes or lobsters (ironically, I dislike shellfish)! There's only great times ahead! RIGHT? RIGHT!!!??

(This is why I'm single?)

Editorial Note: I first sent this over an IM to my roommate - the oft blogged about DiTonto - who's immediate response was: "but you want a lobster!" Which made me realize, that I need to not make this about me (SO HARD TO DO SOMETIMES), because really, the notion of the Reverse Moonlighting Curse is that a story suffers when two characters, so obviously in love, are prevented from consummating that love at all costs, and to no end, and so much so, that the quality of the storytelling has degraded so much that people lose interest - and as we're all narcissists, myself especially so, I'll never lose interest in my own love life! So I guess, what I should be thinking here is, thank GOD my life isn't a TV show!


Poetic_line said...

I'm with you. I love Hart Hanson and he's been making me go crazy for a long time.

There were days or weeks I didn't care if Booth and Brennan got together and that's a very bad thing.

Their love is the glue for this show. Without it, it just slips away and I'd hate that to happen.

I was very moved last night when Booth weeped and still my mind yelled out "reset" like they keep going back to the beginning.

How many times can we really do this and stay invested?

I have no idea. I've had to step back from addiction to maybe I might watch next week and record it this week.

Of course, David and Emily knock me out but we need their sparks and sparring to keep that going.

And we need their love, some payoff for watching so many resets that I've lost count.


Anonymous said...

You are so right.

Unfortunately I've already reached my "I just can't be bothered anymore" point with this.

I remember when I was so excited after every episode, biting my nails until the next one, just to see how they will continue with Booth and Brennan, but by now it stopped. Somehow the ways they try to keep them apart became unbelievable and boring. I can't even say it's frustrating anymore, because for me it's not.

I just don't care anymore, for their relationship, or the show itself.

BonesLover13 said...

Yea it's kinda gotten old the whole will they won't they thing but if you really love a show you stick with it through it's ups and downs and twists and turns... But that's just my opinion. I LOVE BONES!! :):)

Anonymous said...

Sticking with a show that has - in less than a year, destroyed it's characters integrity and whose general writing has gone to crap, is like telling an abused wife to stick with her husband because at one point things were good.