Friday, March 11, 2011

The fear of earthquakes is known as "Seismophobia" but I just call it "The Reason My Doctor Prescribes Me Xanax."

Not to belittle what's happening in Japan right now, but I'm totally freaked out by the earthquake and again... what it means for LA and the chance of the BIG ONE happening and yes it's really horrible to make this about me but last night I started crying and I couldn't sleep so then I took a Xanax - which I am prescribed because of my fear of earthquakes (seriously, that's why Dr. G, my most favorite doctor in the world, has to give me anti-anxiety medicine because I've wound up in a routine physical crying on multiple occasions because I am just that scared of earthquakes) - and then I had a really weird dream in which I was hanging out with acclaimed television writer Jane Espenson and we had a meeting somewhere and Steven Spielberg gave us a ride but he was driving a batmobile and it was really weird, and when I woke up the tsunami was headed toward my backyard aka Venice Beach. But it's okay. I'm okay. Deep breaths. Not okay? The many people effected by the terrible wrath of Mother Nature.

My thoughts and prayers go out to all the people of Japan who are suffering right now. It's absolutely horrible and terrifying and so sad. Oh and I'm really glad that Maru is okay.

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Bob said...

While any death is from an earthquake or natural disaster is incredibly tragic, it should be some consolation that in developed countries like the United States or Japan, strict seismic building codes and modern health care make your chances of dying in even a massive earthquake incredibly small.

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