Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Not At Comic Con (Again!)

So - remember last year when all of us who weren't at Comic Con commiserated with our #notatcomiccon tweets? Well, we're doing it again, you guys! (So far, we = me, but you know you want to.)

Here are some BREAKING NEWS STORIES I have so far, from DAY ONE of Not At Comic Con:

- I thought I lost a golf cart earlier.

- I did not lose a golf cart.

- I had three cups of coffee today.

- I'm really tan.


- Coffee makes me poo.

- Molasses cookies are DELICIOUS.

- Most people do not enjoy molasses cookies. 

- I am jealous of my nail polish. If that is possible.

Fascinating stuff, isn't it? And get excited, because we've got THREE MORE DAYS of this! I KNOW - this is just as fun as putting on a Stormtrooper helmet and getting freaky with an Ewok.

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