Thursday, September 08, 2011

Zack and Kelly got married!

You guys! Maine is the best place in the world. It really is. I am so lucky to have grown up there and to still be so incredibly close to all my friends who did as well.

So yes - I made it home last week, despite Hurricane Irene's attempts to delay me, and it was the most lovely trip, which was capped off with the one of the best weddings ever -- when my two dear friends Brett and Garrett, (who are, BTW, high school sweethearts -- hence the Saved By The Bell reference in the subject of this post, duh) got married.

It was incredible! Brett was BEAUTIFUL. I mean she's always beautiful but seeing one of your best friends look that beautiful and happy and in love? Well, let's just say I cried all day. Like ALL DAY. It's funny because I think some of my friends maybe thought it was because the enormity of the event had me missing my mom, but in reality, I think it was the profound emotional impact of watching someone I grew up with, someone who is like a sister to me, someone who I admire and adore and love and respect, have a day for her, a day to marry the guy who makes her the happiest in the world and God, are they happy!

Yes of course I wish my mom could have been there because she loved Brett and Brett's mom was one of her best friends, but I felt that she was there watching it all go down and crying along with me! Frankly, I think I was too touched by Brett and Garrett committing their lives to each other to really focus on anything else. I mean -- and I know I'm going to sound like a big sap here -- it really was beautiful. Brett's family loves her so much - she's the oldest of four and the only daughter and the relationship she has with her younger brothers is amazing -- inspiring really. Jesus, just writing about it right now has me tearing up again (although when I told my own brother about my endless waterworks, he responded with "Well, you did cry during cotton commercials when you were a kid").  And look, some of you might be thinking that crying at a wedding is totally normal -- which it is -- but like, holy shitballs I was losing it. I gave a reading during the ceremony, and my only goal was to not cry during that, which I made it through. But the rest? Nope. I think I lost 5 pounds in water weight! At one point at the reception some random friend of Brett's mom came up to me and said "your display of emotion was touching" which was really sweet but then I am pretty sure I turned three shades of red (well, I was really tan so maybe it wasn't that noticeable but trust me, I was blushing my face off).

Anyway. Zack and Kelly got married and it was the best wedding ever (granted I've been to like, four ever and this was the first I was ever in but WHATEVER). We were also maybe the most efficient and on-time bridal party ever. We were so on the ball I think at one point we were, like, 45 minutes ahead of schedule. As I said on my Twitter that morning, and later on in the trolley on the way to the ceremony -- we bridesmaided the SHIT out of that wedding!

Garrett isn't exactly open-eyed in this shot but I pulled it from Facebook as none of the official pics are up yet.


Beppie said...

As the MOB, I'm officially in a puddle! Love YOU Annie!

Brett Cerf said...


Kaitlyn Chow said...

That was so awesome to read. Sounds like it was a wonderful day! It would be great to catch up sometime via phone or something! Reading that had me thinking about you and missing you.
Praying all is well and I like reading your blog!